Saturday, May 7, 2011


Lies will separate people, whether or not they are known to the other person. Small lies create small cracks, big lies open chasms. Be it little or big ones, lies shall add up and eventually distance people from one other that not even the bridge of truth-telling may span.

By the time two people look toward each other from the distance as wide as a large canyon – it is already too late. They are too far from each other to recognize the person they used to know so well, by then they can't even hear the other's voice from that great distance.

Looking back into the past, they may realize in their present loneliness that there was a time when by a simple gesture of reaching out for the hand of the other could have easily breached a small gap, … but such a chance has long passed.

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Anonymous said...

Then they need a new voice, a new way to talk, even a very small communication, the first words of a new language--like a child's first babbling sounds,until you have a complete word, then another and another; the first sentence, and then the next. And that small faint sound becomes an audible clear speech. And finally enough to shout across the canyon, until the boat draws near to the shore, and they are reunited.